Anderson lab: Plant evolutionary ecology


Contact information

Jill Anderson

Assistant Professor

Department of Genetics

Odum School of Ecology

Davison Life Sciences- C314A

University of Georgia

Athens, GA 30602

Office phone:706-542-0853

jta24 (at)


Research in the Anderson lab focuses on the processes that promote and constrain adaptive evolution in natural plant populations. We use approaches drawn from ecophysiology, population and quantitative genetics, and ecological genomics to investigate the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of plants. We are particularly interested in understanding the eco-evolutionary consequences of global change in temperate and tropical ecosystems.  Our research is motivated by theory, conservation, and patterns we observe in the natural world.

We are actively recruiting prospective graduate students who are interested in plant evolutionary ecology, tropical ecology and conservation genetics.  Please contact Jill via email (jta24 (at) to discuss opportunities for graduate training.